Complimentary eBook: 5 Step Plan to Preparing a Retirement During Coronavirus and a Down Market

Have your retirement plans been recently sidetracked because of COVID-19? 

When a market downturn arrives, whatever the
cause, it makes sense to re-evaluate your investment portfolio so you can protect what you've worked so hard to build.

Our complimentary eBook covers a series of actions you can take today to help put yourself in a position to both preserve your portfolio from further market declines and to take advantage of lower market prices.

  1. Don't stop your savings plan-keep it going!
  2. Continue to maximize your employer contributions for your 401k
  3. Consider a short-term delay to your retirement 
  4. Consider selling a portion of your equities (stock)
  5. Be prepared to reinvest back into the market when things stablize